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Battle of the Food Trucks - August 5th Sunday 

What is parking lot pa'ina?

The food truck scene on Kaua'i is thriving! Parking Lot Pa'ina (PLP) was created for the food lovers of the garden isle as a fundraiser for our island wide non-profits and to support our food truck community.

Food truck events are quite popular around the state and country, why not join in all the fun? "Battle of the Food Trucks" is our premiere event with the aim to create a regularly held occurrence bringing together different food trucks to each pa'ina (party/gathering).

The intention is to create an environment supportive of the needs of Kaua'i, with our first event supporting the Kaua'i Veteran's Museum (our host) and the Hawai'i Food Bank- Kaua'i Branch. We will donate 100% of the proceeds to Kaua'i's most in need non-profits at the time the events are held. 

As a patron to the event, you will get to enjoy a variety of awesome eats provided by the hard work of the food truck owners while donating to the community, as well as participate in voting on Kaua'i's best food truck!

As a food truck participant, you would be contributing to the support of local non-profits, your small business will benefit from promotion and exposure under PLP, a stipend for participation in this event, and a bit of friendly competitive edge! 

As a sponsor, you will be helping bring the community together by contributing to our local non-profits and supporting the hard work the food truck owners put into providing something from their heart. Keeping everything in our district, for our people, for our island. Your name will be recognized as a honored community player!

If you are a food truck looking to participate, a business owner or organization looking to sponsor, or just a food lover curious to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 


Battle of the Sides - TBA